Sound masking is the addition of unstructured sound to an environment created by special digital generators and distributed by normally unseen speakers through an area that fills in the sound spectrum and makes the structured sound of human speech less intelligible and to reduce distractions.

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Sound Masking

Why do we need Sound Masking?

Privacy is a measurable thing, and the lack of it is costing you money. Like light, sound is a wave and spreads out in all directions from a source. Learn more about the "ABCs" of acoustic designa and why we need Sound Masking.

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ABC's of

Sound Masking

Cutting-Edge White Noise Solution

A Cutting-Edge privacy solution requires both acoustic expertise and access to the most effective privacy products on the market. Find the best solution that fits your office environment.

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Industries that need sound masking

Corporations and Small Businesses

Spas, Guest Rooms and Hospitality

Military and Government Agencies

Banks and Financial Organizations

Churches and Counseling Centers

Technology and R&D Facilities

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Educational Institutions

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